Kid Parc

  • Monday 20th August 2012

Even though it's next door to La Coccinelle, one has to go around the block to get into Kid Parc, as it's entrance is behind La Coccinelle. Kid Parc is tiny but exquisitely beautiful. The log flume occupies the centre of the park, with various crossover points.The lone coaster, a standard Big Apples model from Levent, is on the right as you enter the park and is visible from outside the park boundaries. We had been warned that adults without children maybe denied entrance. To bypass this problem, we asked a nice couple with children to purchase our tickets.

Kid Parc ticket office and entrance.

La Pomme is visible from outside the park.

La Pomme is a Big Apple coaster from the Turkish manufacturer Levent Lunapark. The coaster has been operating at Kid Parc since 2006.


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