Parc Touristique des Combes

  • Saturday 18th August 2012  

Parc Touristique des Combes looks more like a resort than an amusement park. The park boasts two Wiegand attractions, one a toboggan and the other an alpine coaster. Both give an equally thrilling experience. It seems the park buys its rides in pairs, as it also boasts two Vekoma coasters. Now, don't lets this put you off! Each of these family coasters provides a great ride experience. The Junior Boomerang coaster is the second installation of this type, after the one at Drayton Manor Park (UK). The second is a fairly good Vekoma junior coaster. Both coasters are on higher ground. The park also has a Nautic Jet, a tower ride and a nice selection of children's rides. We elected to miss the near by go-karts that looked pretty fast. One can buy tokens or purchase an unlimited wristband.

Le Carrousel

 Bateau Mississipi
 Le grand galop des Combes

Wiegand alpine coaster

 La Luge d'ete
Christof enjoying the Summer sledge. 
Boomerang is a Vekoma Junior Boomerang coaster that opened at Parc Touristique des Combes on 2nd June 2011.
Le Vertingo 
Thomas on La tyrolienne 
Nautic Jet 
 Déval'Train is a Vekoma junior coaster that has been operating at Parc Touristique des Combes since 2003

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